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Winter 2015 Projects

What past students are saying about Capstone

  • “I learned so much from this class.  I learned how important it is to learn from other people.  I had to talk with lots of different people during this project and I really learned how important experience is in engineering.”
  • “The project portion of this class was excellent.  I loved that we were able to work on an actual project and go through all the steps of design.  It was a good learning experience and I'm glad they've made the recent changes to this process.”
  • “Overall I feel that this course has been one of the more helpful courses I have had in the undergraduate courses for helping me to understand design, and how to work together as interdisciplinary group.”
  • “The capstone project was an amazing learning experience.  I appreciated learning about how to write reports and the like, as well as all I learned technically in our difficult project.”
  • “The project aspect of this course was very beneficial.  I never thought that I would get to work on a real-world project from concept through design during my education.  I learned a great deal about working together in a team to accomplish something much larger than I can do on my own.”
  • “Great class!  Besides an internship, this class is the only way students get to test themselves in solving real-world problems.”