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2018-2019 Domestic Projects


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Projects for the 2018-2019 Academic Year




CEEn-2018CPST-001: Bridge Structural Assessment & Revetments

RSR Team Members:  Shane Oh, Rex Henretta, Ryan Wilkinson (Team Focal)  

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Kevin Franke


CEEn-2018CPST-002: Anchorage of Rooftop Equipment

RAY Engineering Team Members:  Ammon Hymas (Team Focal), Roman Calderon Pacheco, Yejezkel Jimenez Dominguez, Brandon Roberts

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Michael Borden


CEEn-2018CPST-003: Navajo Nation House Plans

B4 (Quartic B) Team Members:  Zac Barnett, David Blake, David Bell (Team Focal), Ben Arrington

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. David Jensen


CEEn-2018CPST-004: Spanish Fork Irrigation-Water Conservation Study

JAWS Team Members:  Angie Ayaviri Dominguez, Whitney Robison, Josephine Paxton (Bastian) (Team Focal)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Gus Williams


CEEn-2018CPST-005: Nepal Earthquake Recovery - Housing Options

ABBA Consulting Team Members:  Braiden Green (Team Focal), Bryce Miller, Abbey Wilson, Adam Foulk

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Fernando Fonseca


CEEn-2018CPST-006: Woodland Hills Pavement Maintenance Options

Woodland Hills Team Members:  River Sanderson (Team Focal), Pablo Galvez de Leon, Eduardo Rodriguez Miranda, Nick Linton

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Spencer Guthrie / Dr. Grant Schultz


CEEn-2018CPST-007: Woodland Hills Snow Pack Drainage Options

SHOF Team Members:  Hanna Opdahl, Nicole Hastings, Ryan Smart, Daniel Fiso (Team Focal)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Dan Ames


CEEn-2018CPST-008: North Carolina LNG Storage Facility Preliminary Geotech Evaluation

MZM Enterprises Team Members:  Melanie Latham, Zachary Farnsworth, Matthew Martino (Team Focal)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Kyle Rollins


CEEn-2018CPST-009: Sewer System Consolidation

Invictus Team Members:  John Jensen (Team Focal), Jordan Kersey, Christian Lundskog, Camille Lunt

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Brett Borup


CEEn-2018CPST-010: Lehi City Irrigation Asian Clam Eradication

Hermanos Team Members:  Isaac Gomez Ortega (Team Focal), Eduardo Hernandez, Edbert Bourdeau, Giovanni Romero Bustamante

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Wood Miller


CEEn-2018CPST-011: Riverton Re-purposing Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line to Ground Water Sub-drain

BKAT Team Members:  Bryce Terry, Tanner Hales (Team Focal), Kristi Garate, Alex Fisher

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Brett Borup


CEEn-2018CPST-012: Springville Irrigation Canal Breach Mitigation

Centilium Engineering Team Members:  Max Barnes (Team Focal), Reed Reimschussel, Meghann Morgan, Delila Lasson

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss


CEEn-2018CPST-013: Performance Evaluation & Pavement Design for Minor Collectors in Springville

MagiCAP Team Members:  Paul Anderson, Craig Staples (Team Focal), Aleczander Escamilla

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Spencer Guthrie


CEEn-2018CPST-014: Santaquin Irrigation-Water Conservation Study

Sharks Team Members:  Caleb Joubert, Alec Van De Graaff (Team Focal), Natalie King (Bagley), Rob Anderson

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Gus Williams


CEEn-2018CPST-015:  Utah Transit Authority Wheel-Chair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) Pilot Program

Enginuity Team Members:  Nate Lant (Team Focal), Matthew Strong, Cody Irons, Byron Yates

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Grant Schultz / Dr. Greg McFarlane