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2016-2017 Projects


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Projects for the 2016-2017 Academic Year




CEEn-2016CPST-001: Development Accommodation - Realignment Study

  Graduate Mentor: Michael Souffront    Team Members:  Brad Mason, Tavin Griffeth, Kevin Woolf


CEEn-2016CPST-002: Soil Data Percolation App Development

  Graduate Mentor:  Alex Arndt   Team Members: Cameron Lusvardi, William Shelton,Jacob Wadman


CEEn-2016CPST-003: LID Approach Effectiveness & Functionality Study

  Graduate Mentor:  John De Leon    Team members: Treyton Moore, Kevin Liang, Jingwen He


CEEn-2016CPST-004: Engineering Changes vs. Neighborhood Impact Assessment

  Graduate Mentor: Spencer McDonald     Team members: Martin Seneca, Brad Fellows, Kaylee Bateman


CEEn-2016CPST-005: Power Transmission Foundation Design

  Graduate Mentor: Mikayla Hatch     Team members: Daniel Pope, McKay Harper, Todd Weichers


CEEn-2016CPST-006: Pressure Zones Update Feasibility Study

  Graduate Mentor: McKell Sanderson     Team members: Spencer Stanley, Michael Freeman, Ryan Harwell


CEEn-2016CPST-007: Flood Control Plan Feasibility Study

  Graduate Mentor: Christian Kesler     Team members: Matthew Johnson, Fabian Zamorano, Donald Anderson


CEEn-2016CPST-008: Arterial Collector Design & Feasibility Study

  Graduate Mentor: Shaun Hilton     Team members: Joseph Browning, Jordan Arrowchis, David Michelsen


CEEn-2016CPST-009: BRT Bus Station Flow Enhancement Study

  Graduate Mentor: Ryan Egbert     Team members: Jenny Blonquist, Jordan Williams, Josh Gibbons


CEEn-2016CPST-010: Trail Corridor Design

  Graduate Mentor: Savannah Keane     Team members: Brandon Walker, Joel Whitmer, Clay Hansen


CEEn-2016CPST-011: Solar Generator Feasibility Study

  Graduate Mentor: Sarva Pulla     Team members: Alex Barrow, Jence Kofoed, Matt Heninger


CEEn-2016CPST-012: Water supply feasibility study

  Graduate Mentor: Jake Nelson     Team members: Joshua Reidhead, Daniel Schwict, Jeffery Schwict


CEEn-2017CPST-013: Liquefaction Potential & Post-Earthquake Stability Assessment

  Graduate Mentor: Tyler Coutu     Team members: Joel Yellowhorse, Joshua Peterson, Heidi Dacayanan