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Capstone Projects Fall 2011

Snell Building and Law Parking Lot Flooding

Review the flood event and damage cause to the Snell building area.   Analyze the collection and distribution system capacities and deficiencies.  Prepare multiple solution alternatives with cost estimates, present to sponsor and design an improvement plan for the selected alternative.  BYU Physical Facilities has aerial contour maps and utility maps to assist in the analysis.

Sponsor:      BYU Physical Facilities Department   
Contact:       Paul Reese
University Civil Engineer
(801) 244-5552
240 Brewster Building  BYU
Provo, Utah 84602

Casto and Dry Creek Springs Treatment Project

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District holds water rights to two springs which converge through existing piping near 4600 South 3000 East in Salt Lake County.  The water source has been proved to be “Under the Influence of Surface Water” according to Surface Water Treatment Rule.  The spring will require filtration and disinfection.  You are invited to provide a proposal to design a treatment solution.

Submit a written proposal to complete this study and design work. The proposal should highlight the team and tasks necessary to complete the project. The proposal shall be submitted as a hard copy, electronically, and presented to Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District representatives.

The successful proposal team will be asked to complete a feasibility study (FS) and preliminary engineering report (PER) for this project. The FS and PER will be submitted in hard copy and electronically as well as presented to Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District representatives. The FS shall be a pre-design report addressing hydrology, water treatment regulations, and feasibility cost estimates. The PER will contain the design assumptions and engineering drawings.
See Documents at under engineering projects, then university studies.

Sponsor:      Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
Contact:       Mark G. Atencio
Engineering Department Manager
(801) 565-4300
8215 South 1300 West
West Jordan, Utah 84088

Rose Creek Detention Basin Optimization

This was a detention basin constructed by the County about 7 or 8 years ago.  There are still some flooding problems downstream of the detention basin and this has caused us to consider doing a re-evaluation of the out let condition of the basin with as-build volume calculations needed.  The basin was originally constructed using hydrology from the 2002 Southwest Canal and Creek Study (HEC-HMS model available).  However, Herriman City also did a drainage master plan that does not completely correlate with the SWCCS.  This may be causing part of the problem.  I do not remember which software was used for Herriman City’s master plan.  Optimization of the basin could include recommendations along with cost proposals.  Some coordination with Herriman City and possibly Riverton City may be needed.  There are probably no right-of-way considerations with this project.

Sponsor:      Salt Lake County Engineering - Flood Control Division
Contact:       Scott Baird, Division Director
(801) 468-2711 
2001 South State Street, St. N3100
Salt lake City, UT 84191-4600

Scaffolding/Bracing Design for Provo Tabernacle

The Provo Tabernacle was destroyed by fire on December 17, 2010.  The remains of the building are currently being shored/braced up by an Effco shoring system.  If the building were to be restored, the existing masonry walls and rubble footings would need to be structurally stabilized and upgraded.  To do this, the existing shoring system would need to be replaced by a scaffolding/bracing system that would both provide improved access to the full structure and continue to stabilize the building during construction.  It is your task to design a scaffolding/bracing system for this project.  Some design information will be provided by Jacobsen Construction, the Temple and Special Projects Department and Harsco a scaffolding supplier.  There has been no announcement on the Church’s plans for the Tabernacle.  This is only a potential design alternative that will make a good design project.

Sponsor:      Jacobsen Construction and the LDS Church Temple and Special Projects Department              
Contact:       John Emery
Project Manager
(801) 750-4929
Jacobsen Construction Trailer
BYU Campus

Daybreak West Side Storm Water Master Plan

The Daybreak community has revised the land use plan for the property west of the Mountain View Corridor currently under construction by UDOT.  The sponsor needs and updated storm water master plan/model to match the current plan.  This master plan will include use/demand analysis of the current land plan, model creation, and analysis of detention storage, and transmission alternatives. 

Sponsor:      Rio Tinto – Kennecott Land  
Contact:       Gary Langston
Director Community Development
(801) 204-2769
4700 Daybreak Parkway

SWPPP & Erosion/Sediment Control Plan for Daybreak Plat 9

Sponsor: Rio Tinto - Kennecott Land - Daybreak
Contact: Gary Langston, Director of Community Development
801 204-2769