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2017-2018 International Capstone Projects


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International Capstone Projects for the 2017-2018 Academic Year



Four BYU Student Capstone Project Teams:  Travel to Dominican Republic

Sponsor: Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidricos (INDRHI)

Sponsor Representative:  Israel Acosta, Chair, Department of Hydrology, INDRHI

INDRHI Team Contact:    Fidel Perez


CEEn-2017CPST-INT-001: Dominican Republic - Reservoirs Operations Tools

Graduate Mentor:  Corey Krewson

Team Members:  Kate Corbett, Alyssa Garlick, Cayla Naylor


CEEn-2017CPST-INT-002: Dominican Republic - Streamflow Forecasting Updates and Connections to the Reservoirs

Graduate Mentor:  Corey Krewson

Team Members:  Ken Lippold, Brad Clawson, Jeff Derricott, Jason Biesinger


CEEn-2017CPST-INT-003: Dominican Republic - Agricultrual Use Demand

Graduate Mentor:  Travis McStraw

Team Members:  Skyler Cozzens, Jacob Wilcock, Allie Snow


CEEn-2017CPST-INT-004: Dominican Republic - Irrigation Operations Modeling

Graduate Mentor: Travis McStraw

Team Members:  Curtis Rae, Hannah Rasmussen, Brad Wells