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2018-2019 Dominican Republic Projects


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Dominican Republic Projects for the 2018-2019 Academic Year


CEEn-2018CPST-DR-001:  Ground Water Mapping

Team Members:  Anelle Concepcion (Team Focal), Emily Andrus, Shanisa Butt

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Norm Jones 


CEEn-2018CPST-DR-002:  Ground Water Modeling

Los Pumas Team Members:  Saul Ramirez, Sami Lau, Logan Bennett, Aubrey Hebdon (Team Focal)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Norm Jones


CEEn-2018CPST-DR-003:  Flood Early Warning

W.E.L. Water Team Members:  Chris Edwards, Jake Lewis, Hunter Williams (Team Focal)

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. James Nelson


CEEn-2018CPST-DR-004:  Flood Mapping

The Flood Stoppers Team Members:  Wade Roberts, Seth Barrus, Jared Lillywhite (Team Focal), Danilo Cleis Da Costa

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. James Nelson


CEEn-2018CPST-DR-005:  Reservoir / Irrigation Management

RBB Team Members:  Riley Hales (Team Focal), Ben Gray, Briana Ihrke

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. James Nelson