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Description: The program for both undergraduates and graduates is two semesters beginning each fall. During the fall semester undergraduates enroll in a professional practices class where they learn of sustainability issues in civil engineering such as economic, environmental and social impact. Meanwhile graduate students who will become mentors for the undergraduates’ capstone projects take the business operations class that focuses on practices specific to civil engineering. During this semester the graduate students become familiar with the different sponsored projects and each is assigned one of the projects, or develops a project on his/her own. Together with the sponsor a scope is developed for the project with expected deliverables and then the graduate student prepares a request for proposals (RFP) to which the undergraduates, formed into teams by the end of the semester, will respond to as a means of completing their capstone projects. During the winter semester each undergraduate teams enroll in a 2 credit capstone internship class where they work for a minimum of six hours per week to complete the capstone project. The graduate students each have an undergraduate team to mentor during the semester while they are simultaneously enrolled in the project management and leadership class. This class provides them with instruction on building, managing, and evaluating teams. An important measure of their success in the class is the success of their undergraduate team. Each team is also assigned a faculty advisor who provides important technical guidance as needed.